Coaching Program Lesson


Design Coaching Program Part 2

In the last lesson, I showed you how to structure your coaching program, and the assignment was designed for you to structure your own program.

In this lesson, you will learn how to deliver your coaching:

How to Deliver Your Coaching Program

For today's assignment:

a) Write out a complete outline of how you will deliver your coaching

b) What will someone accomplish in coaching with you in the first 30 days, 90 days, and one year?

c) How will you structure the "action" portion? (For example, homework assignments like this that, when accomplished, lead someone to the accomplishment of their target goals. You see, if all you do is teach in your coaching program, but don't give people actionable steps to DO the work, they won't get results. When your clients DO homework assignments and action steps, they get results. So your goal with the action steps is to guide someone through ALL the steps necessary to achieve their goals. If they do the work, they get results. If they don't do the work, they won't get the results [of course]. And it's not on you if they don't do the work. But it is your responsibility to give them every tool and every assignment necessary to get results.)

d) How will you increase the chance that people will do the work, and resultantly, get the results?