Coaching Program Lesson


Design Coaching Program Part 1

Now that you have created one entry level product, it is time to design a coaching program - even if you aren't going to necessarily launch it immediately.

Here's why - the outline you use for your coaching program will also serve as the master outline for all your future products.

You see, if you continue by creating one product at a time, you will likely find that in the long run you have a mish mash of products that don't fit together well.

However, if you start by designing your coaching program next, now that you have one entry level product, all of your product creation will be based on amplication of the various skills you plan to teach in your coaching program.

Step 1:

Use this guide to create a 10 x 10 matrix (this is exactly the same as creating your 10 x 10 for your first product):

10 x 10 Matrix (Do this first) (pdf)

Step 2: Listen to this training on structuring your coaching program:

How to Structure Your Coaching Program

Step 3: Using your 10 x 10 matrix as a guide, plan your coaching program, using the following steps:

1) Determine an optimal length for your program. The rule of thumb for this is: how many hours would it take to teach someone your system at the rate of one hour per week, with home work or action steps to help them implement, plus a few hours.

So..if you could see teaching someone your system or method in 10 hours - add a couple, and then convert that to weeks -

So..10 hours = a 12 or 13 week coaching program.

I highly recommend keeping your first coaching program less than 6 months long - 3 months (12 - 12 weeks) is great, 6 weeks works well if you don't have a lot to teach yet.

2) Once you have determined the length, then use your 10 x 10 matrix to create a 10 week outline of what you would teach each week.

Once that is completed, add an introductory week, plus a summary week, and that will give you 12 weeks.

3) Decide which supplemental materials or methods you will use in the delivery of your coaching program - for example, supplementary books, mp3s, blog posts, forum involvement, etc.

4) Put all of this into one document - so that at a glance you can see the different parts of your coaching program.

This is your coaching program master plan -

5) Send me your coaching program master plan so I can offer suggestions, etc.