"100k Product Creation"

By now you should have a pretty good "30,000 view" of what your $100k business is going to look like.

You've chosen your niche.

You've written your 10 x 10 matrix.

You have the big picture.

Next: you need a few products to sell.

We'll start with one - and the goal is to create the first one in the next 7 days (you can do it, many of my clients have done it before, and I've created new products in one day).

These trainings will teach you exactly how, listen to them first, then start the clock . . . and create your first product!


Core Component: Product Creation

How to Create Recorded Products Fast

Additional Product Creation Methods

First Month Game Plan - 4 Products in One Month Overview (this is not required - yet. But I've included it because I believe this training gives you deeper insight into how easy this is.)