"100k Intro Part 2"

By now you should have completed listening to the training in the first intro download page, and you should have completed the first assignment.

Note: these first few lessons are very heavy on the audio training - and light on assignments. That is intentional - within a few lessons you will be down to one hour of training and then a much beefier assignment. The key up front is totally "getting" the concept of a $100k business, then start doing the work. I know this is a little different than a lot of other training out there - where it is all about doing tasks - but the reason those "task oriented" programs don't get you the results you want is they are based on a cookie cutter approach to your business - but in reality, you are creating your own unique business, not a cookie cutter duplicate - so you need to totally "get" the entire business model before we start doing the hard work.)

You are also likely beginning to get a feel for how building your $100k business is going to be a little different than you have been being told by others to do it.

And over the course of the next 51 weeks, not only are you going to be amazed at how easy it is to do it, you are also going to learn more about information marketing, from a different perspective - not one of theory and get-rich-quick philosophy, but instead from a perspective of what it really takes to make $100k online.

Think about this: in order for you to make $100k online, others have to invest $100k in you (actually a little more than $100k, because you will have expenses).

Repeat: in order for YOU to make $100k this year, others will have to invest in you.

Why will they invest?

They will invest because you show them that you are the best person for them to learn from.

They will invest because you connect with them in such a way that they don't want to learn from anyone else.

And they will invest because you have created training that gets them the best results.

You see, you wouldn't pay a plumber to come out and unplug your toilet . . . if he couldn't actually unplug your toilet, right?

You wouldn't pay for dinner at a nice restaurant unless the restaurant could actually make you a tasty dinner, right?

And you wouldn't pay a personal trainer to help you lose weight if . . . he didn't know how to lose weight, right?

And the same thing goes with your clients.

They will only sign up to work with you if:

1) They can see that you can help them

and 2) They can see that you are going to be worth what you charge for your trainings or your services

I know this sounds simplistic - and if you already "get it" - congratulations! You see, so many people want to make $100k online, but they don't want to give anything in exchange for it. They want to just resell something they buy for $10, for $100. Well, why should anyone pay you $100 for something they could buy for $10 the same way you did? Because if you could buy it for $10, so can they.

So it's critical that you realize that in order to make $100k online, you have to:

1) deliver $100k in value

and 2) get others to pay you for that value.

Perhaps by now you are thinking, just give me an exercise, I want to start making something to sell.

Not yet. Not quite yet. Because that's where so many people go wrong. They just jump in and do lots of work - but it's the wrong work. And if I gave you an exercise today to create a product - until you have some more background - your product likely wouldn't be something others would really want to pay for. And if it's not something others want to pay for, others aren't going to buy it. And if no one buys it - you won't make $100k this year.

So . . . I have some more training for you.

And another short exercise after the training.

By the way, if you want to get the MOST out of working with me - do NOT do the exercise until you listen to the training. Because if you do - it won't be as powerful as if you wait.

So . . . step 1: listen to these trainings:

Psychology of 100k Business

Introduction to Concept of an "Expert-Based Business"

30,000 Foot Advanced Overview

Additional Clarification of "Expert-Based" Guru Model

(note regarding the "additional clarification" training: I want you to "get" the idea of positioning as a guru and starting with a coaching program - although in reality, you will likely create 1-3 products before you create a coaching program. The CONCEPT is in creating a business where you are the expert -with coaching as the cornerstone of that - BUT in reality, you need a couple of products to sell in ADDITION to the coaching. I've given you that last training for the CONCEPT, not as direct instruction. Let me know if you are confused by this :-) ) -- Thanks, Sean


Step 2: follow the directions in the following tutorial, and do the exercise in it. Don't rush it. Get it right. Far better to spend 10 hours getting it right, and make $100k this year, than to rush it and not make your goal. You will know you have done it when you have an "aha" moment. There will be an "aha" moment that makes you think "wow, I had no idea this could be this easy." When you have that moment - you will know deep inside that this year is going to be different.

Create 10 x 10 Matrix