Write Email Campaign Part 3

By now you should have a credibility campaign in place in your business, and be beginning to build relationships with your subscribers.

Remember, your email campaign should do 3 things:

1) Builds trust and credibility

2) Builds value for you and your brand

3) Sells your training

This will occur in 3 phases:

1) Building credibility by writing credibility emails

2) Building trust by writing interactive emails

3) Making sales by writing sales-based emails

In the last lesson, you began to build a relationship with your subscribers.

Today's lesson focuses on the concept of creating automated sales-based email campaigns:

Sales Funnel Strategy

Automated Sales Email Strategy

Product Funnel

Timing of Follow Up Emails

Automated Content to Sales

Your homework: outline your sales funnel strategy and create a brief review of what your email funnel should look like, when completed.