Drive Traffic


At this point, you should have completed the design of your coaching program, have at least one product to sell, and be ready to start getting people to buy your product and enroll in your coaching program.

Now that you know the process for creating a new product, and you have your coaching program, I recommend that about every 1-2 months, you create a new product. No matter how long it took to create your first product, the next product should take 1/2 the time. And the next one after that, 1/2 the time of that one. After that the curve is not so exponential. But the bottom line is, the more products you create, the faster you can create them.

And remember, you only need one coaching program for now. Anyone who buys any of your products should become a prospect for your coaching.

So now the next 2 steps are writing your email campaign, and driving traffic.

In theory, you need your email campaign in place before it even matters if you drive traffic. But it usually takes several weeks to write a complete email campaign anyhow.

And traffic is going to be a daily exercise for at least the next 90 days.

So I am going to show you how to drive traffic now, then the next lesson will be about how to start writing your email campaign.

Note: traffic is not a one-size-fits-all proposition as are many of the other core steps to building your business. Therefore, this particular lesson contains a lot more volume than other lessons, and is NOT designed to be consumed in one week! as are most of the other lessons.

Start by listening to the very first lesson below, then pick and choose the rest of what you listen to based on what traffic sources you want to pursue below.

Core Trainings:

Introduction to Traffic Mastery in Your Niche

Supplemental Training to Introduction

Create Your Own Traffic Watering Hole

Find Your Own Traffic Source

Find Traffic Your Competition Isn't Using

Dig Your Own Well Multiple Traffic Sources

Find Unique Traffic Sources in Your Niche

Bonus Trainings:

Introduction-Building a Customized and Mazimized Content Network For YOUR Business

How to Master a Traffic Source

 Advanced Content Marketing With Multiple Sites

How to Compete in Saturated and Competitive Markets

How to Use Article Marketing for Search Rankings

How to Match Message to Market

Bonus Trainings:

Kindle Marketing

Daily Traffic Plan and Youtube Marketing

Advanced Resource Box Psychology

How to Drive Traffic With Solo Ads

How to Drive Traffic With Forums




After you have listened to the entire training, outline your 90 day traffic plan, with exactly what sources and methods you plan to use.

How much time will you put into it each day?

How well will you guard your time so that you are productive during that traffic generation time?