"100k Intro Download Page"

Congratulations on joining my $100k InfoBusiness Training.

Listen to these trainings in the order they are listed, take careful notes, and get prepared to be blown away.

Welcome. You are going to be amazed at what you learn in these first few weeks, then you are going to be amazed at the action you are going to take to get where you want to go.

And action it will be!

Targeted action.

Now, I know that right now you are probably wanting to start doing something NOW.

But I have found that if you get a good feeling for the "big picture" it makes it so much easier to do the work.

Because instead of feeling like you are just doing certain steps because "Sean said to" you are doing them because you see where they fit.

So . . . your first assignment is not going to be to take action, but instead to listen to some
trainings that are going to get you up to speed on some concepts.

Please listen to all of the training on this page as quickly as possible.

Don't cheat this step, when people skip this step, they end up spinning their wheels until I realize it and have them go back and listen to these trainings.

So . . . start here - and in a few days, once you have finished listening to these trainings, we wil get started on the real work!

Your first assignment:

After listening to ALL these trainings, I want you to write a one-page document giving me your understanding of exactly what it will take to get to $100k in one year.

If it takes more than one page, you are writing too much.

And don't worry about "how" to do each step - I will be teaching you that.

But I want to know that you know the outline of the process, and that you have a deep understanding of "why" it works -

So - step 1) listen to the trainings on this page

step 2) do the above assignment

Once these are done . . . be prepared to work!

I am excited for you, and for what you are going to accomplish this year!


Note: These trainings are going to move from beginner (like kindergarten) all the way to more than advanced - psychology. Don't skip the first 2 trainings because you are past kindergarten, trust me - they will set the foundation!

Beginner Foundational Core Training (Listen to this first)

Beginner Foundational 30Day Action Plan (Listen to this second)

Super Simple Time Management System (Listen to this third)

Advanced Foundational Core Training

Advanced Foundational Coaching Program Training

$250k formula(yes, that is $250k . . . $100k is just the beginning. "Get" what's on this training . . . and $100k will be simple!)