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Here's the thing, I can usually write a WSO email in about 30-45 minutes, and my average WSO is selling well over 100 WSOs, and my latest WSOs are averaging over 300 sales each.

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-->Here's what you'll see me do on these videos in less than 2 hours:

1) Create the offer

2) Write the headline

3) Write the engagement questions

4) Write the sales letter

5) Choose a pricing structure

6) Choose a refund policy

7) Write the price info

8) Write the close

--> PLUS: You'll see me:

9) design the product

10) create the product

11) I'll even teach you how to create a new product every day if you want

PLUS: 12) I'll show you my screen as I upload my product to my website

13) I'll show you how I create the listing in the Warrior Forum

14) I'll show you how I route the listing so that it is automatically delivered to the buyer

15) I'll show you how I add the buyers to my list

16) I'll even show you how I route the upsell

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