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Congratulations for choosing my brand new Content Marketing Training Program!

I've listed these in generally the order I think they will be most helpful, the first few tracks are not fully necessary, but I've included them because I believe they set the stage for you to succeed in a mighty way!

-- Sean Mize

Pre- Intro (Can skip if in a hurry, but I recommend listening):

Pre Intro Shooting for the Stars

Pre-Intro 2 - Insight into My Own Struggle and Drive

The Content Marketing Model:

Intro To Mega Content Model

Mega Content Model

Post Mega Model Discussion and Q and A - Leah about low pressure teleseminar and email campaign tweaking

Intense Discussion About Mega Content Positioning and Expert Articles Youtubes and Emails

Excellent Training on Creating Multiple Articles, Youtubes, and Ebooks Fast

Various Ways Experts Mastered Volume + Discussion About Email Writing Campaign

Discussion - Outsourcing Thoughts, Example of Traffic Blueprint, Example of Creating Blueprint

Bonus Training:

Content Creation Process Example

Daily Content - How to Do It

How to Become An Expert So That You Can Write Expert-level Content

How to Create Expert-Level Content

Additional Bonuses (these are part of my unlimited traffic training, so if you have that, you already have these bonuses, but if you have them, you need them):

Introduction-Building a Customized and Mazimized Content Network For YOUR Business

How to Master a Traffic Source

 Advanced Content Marketing With Multiple Sites

How to Compete in Saturated and Competitive Markets


That concludes your content marketing training!

The one thing I feel compelled to say at this time is that as you are going through this, maybe you have questions, you want up-to-the-minute guidance, etc., and I feel compelled to suggest you think about joining my weekly coaching call.

You can get all the details here:

Weekly Coaching With Sean Mize

To your success,

Sean Mize