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The live call has been held, you can listen to the recording here: Recording of Super Simple Business Model Training

2) Listen to the BONUS training BEFORE the live call: How to Build a Credible Info Business Complete With Story Line

3) Listen to my Core 4 training which will teach you EXACTLY how to plan your day each day, you'll know exactly what to do each day with this planning method (note, it actually includes a few MORE steps than I will teach on Tuesday . . . so Tuesday will make things even SIMPLER (but please listen to this first):

Core 4 Master Training

-- Sean Mize

Extra Bonus:

Core 4 Concept Demonstration and Content Creation RT 2 (long training, can skip and come back to)

Daily Content How and Why

Note: the following 2 trainings (10 x 10 Matrix and Using It) are pdfs (not audio). These are highly powerful and are probably the #1 life changing tool of my highest level, most successful clients, so don't pass these because they look "simple" - use them!

10 x 10 matrix

Using Your 10 x 10 Matrix


Now, perhaps you are thinking, I want to put all this into action FAST (like before Christmas you want to get to $5k a month)

If so, I HIGHLY recommend you check out my brand new $5k a Month Training Center . . . where I teach you step by step exactly what to do and how to do it to get to $5k a month PLUS - you get to network with other clients (over 120 so far) AND access my personal coaching team AND ask any questions you want):

$5K By Christmas Training Center