"Discover the Secret to Writing Compelling Copy Without Formulas, Cheesy Lines, or NLP"

Do NOT read this unless you are serious about learning to write conversational sales copy that gets people to read every word instead of just scrolling from subhead to subhead, seeing your price and closing the page.

Warning: if you read this your understanding about what works in writing sales letters - and why - will be completely changed, and your life will never be the same again!

From: Sean Mize, Internet Marketer

To: You IF you are tired of struggling to communicate effectively in your copywriting even though you are following all the "rules of copywriting"

First - let me say this - if you are satisfied with the sales letters you currently write, this letter is not for you.

If you want a paint-by-numbers, write this on this line, write that on that line, and customers will buy from a "formula" - this letter is not for you.

And if you want step by step instruction for what is the right way to open a letter, the right way to use social proof, the right way to use the right words so people are compelled to throw all logic out the window and blindly buy your product - this is not for you.

You see, I don't believe those kinds of cheesy paint by numbers, use NLP and psychobabble in your sales letters to hype people into buying things they don't want - salesletters - are effective in the long run.

Sure, they might get someone to make one purchase...but if that person isn't brought into a trust relationship with you in the process - it's likely they simply will never buy again.

And I'm not looking for one-time buyers.

I'm looking for relationships with people who trust me, and continue to come back for more training.

Are you?

Don't get me wrong - the traditional sales letter model works - and if that's what you want to learn - there are plenty of intense training courses out there to teach you.

However, what I've found, and perhaps you have too, is that people who go through those courses learn to write a certain way - the way the teacher writes. Which is fine - if you are the teacher. But you are not. So when you write in someone else's voice - it sounds - fake.

And your readers can see right through it.

Ever wonder why you create a brand new training course, write a beautiful salesletter - and nobody buys?

I believe this is one of the reasons why.

You see, you can tell I am personally writing this.


Because it's me...it's how I write and talk every day. It's the same as if you have written me an email and I've written back. It's the same as in my products - and once you've listened to my voice for a few hours in one of my training courses that you have bought - you would know if this was copy and pasted from some guru training course, right?

The truth of the matter is this...your prospects can see right through it too!

And when you write some words that someone else used in THEIR salesletter...those words just don't connect with YOUR prospects.

So your prospects close the sales page without ever buying.

And that doesn't feel very good, does it?

And that's what's happening to you, isn't it? Most people are reading your sales letters, then closing them without buying anything at all, right?

Here's the thing - when I got started online, I started just like a lot of other people did - learning how to write sales letters that sell.

And I learned how to write the cheesy, formulaic sales letter.

And I got a few sales, here and there. My secret was in the fact that I built such strong relationships and created such great products, that the words didn't matter.

Then I began to question the "establishment" method of writing sales letters - using some archaic 5 point formula to convince people to buy, and I wondered if I just wrote to them naturally, as if you and I were having a cappucino together at a coffee shop - would that work better, would people respond better?

And I have discovered time and time again that just writing to people as if we are chatting one on one - works MUCH better than some canned formula.

I have attained 5% - 10% conversion rates on single product sales pages, 10% - 15% conversion rates on product launches, 5% on high ticket courses, and even on some two-step copywriting sequences I've generated 25% conversion rates to $200 - $600 price points.

You read that right 25% conversion rates! Now, that is with a two step process - but my normal pages generally convert to my list at between 5% and 10%.

So before we go any further on this - would YOU like to attain those kinds of conversion rates to your list?

If so - are you willing to do the hard work of learning HOW to communicate via conversational copywriting?

Because if you are not - you might as well close this page now.

Because conversational copywriting isn't paint by numbers, or follow this 10 step fill in the blanks and out pops run of the mill copy that makes people swoon.

Instead, it is about communicating from the heart, it is about reaching into people where they hurt, and showing them that you have the right solution for them. And then showing them that the only logical next step is to take action and make the purchase.

You aren't going to learn it "overnight"

The truth of the matter is, most things worth learning don't happen "overnight" or with some 5 step formula.

Especially communicating.

You see, I believe that effective sales letter writing should be about communicating, plain and simple.

It should be about evaluating your prospects' needs, helping them decide if your solution is a good fit for them, and if it's not, honestly telling them so, and if it is - making the decision to take action and work with you as easy and comfortable as possible.

Is that what YOU want?

Are you willing to study conversational copywriting intensely for some period of time - initially for 6 weeks, but ultimately constantly improving for the rest of your life?

If so, I believe you too can attain conversational copywriting mastery.

Here's what conversational copywriting mastery means:


* To be able to sit down anytime you choose and write a sales letter from your heart, rather than using swipe files and complicated formulas

*To be able to communicate almost effortlessly with your prospects so they see that you genuinely care about them

*To create a prospect experience so wonderful that even those who choose not to buy, are thankful they had a chance to read about your new training

*To be so clear with your prospects that when they buy they feel good about the purchase, instead of feeling like you hyped them into buying something they didn't really want

*To be able to craft compelling words, sentences, and sales letters that effectively persuade someone to make the right decision about purchasing your training program or product

*To be able to write intensely compelling copy WITHOUT using the same old outdated formulas.

How would that feel?

To be able to be in complete control of your own copy writing, and be able to write from your heart instead of a formula?

Or to be able to write a new sales letter in a few hours, in your own words, instead of paying a copywriter $10,000 or more to write copy that you have to re-write to match your voice and words - and then it still isn't right?

How would that feel?

If that's what you want to be able to do - then I'll tell you about it in a few minutes.

But before I do - I just want to re-iterate - this is NOT a cookie cutter formula.

I know you are probably used to getting step by step, easy to follow and implement instruction from me - in fact, that is sort of my trademark - I am really good at formularizing the complicated steps in internet marketing and making it really easy for you.

But with this - it's the opposite.

Instead, I have created a challenging training program that is NOT linear in nature. It is complex, uses multiple analogies and examples to show you how to do it - but it focuses on getting you to THINK and become a good copywriter in your own right instead of putting words in your mouth.

Because great copywriting comes from the heart - it has to, in order to truly connect with people. And in order to make sales, you must truly connect with people, right.

And I don't believe that can be taught in a few canned phrases.

I mean, imagine you come home from work today and you want to communicate to your wife in such a way that she is compelled to take action.

What would work better - using a 5 step canned formula with memorized lines and responses - or just communicating persuasively based on your innate knowledge of how to do that?

Which do you prefer - when you can a catalogue sales line to ask a question - a person reading a script - or someone who genuinely cares and is listening to you?

The fact of the matter is - a script is easier to learn - but is not as effective as simply becoming a master at communicating.

And in my brand new Conversational Copywriting Training Program - that is what you are going to learn - how to become a Master at Communicating - and you will learn to master the art of Conversational Copywriting


Is that what you want? - to be able to comfortably write copy that converts, converts well, and converts without using any overused cheesy formulas?

If so - let me share with you everything that I've packed into this intense training course, and then if it's a good fit for you, let's get you started today:

First - I have created 5 hours of intense, deep never-taught-by anyone else - instruction on HOW to write conversationally in such a way that people are drawn into your words, and simply want to take action as they read your copy.

I have included 3 separate word for word guidelines to help you get started, that you can literally copy and use as your own (although I don't recommend it, I really recommend you start by doing all of the work to find your own voice first - but if you need a quick fix - you can use these

I have also included a complete copy writing critique I have done for a real client in the past - which goes deep into psychologically why each part of the sales letter works - and why

And - the most intense part of all - a 6 week daily lesson series where if you will simply do the 20 minute lesson each day, by the end of 6 weeks you will be able to comfortably write a compelling sales letter off the top of your head - with ease.

This truly is the capstone part of my conversational copywriting training program - because it contains psychologically created and real-world tested exercises that force your brain to accept new patterns of communication when you do these exercises daily for 20 minutes for just 6 weeks.

After the 6 week period of time, just 20 minutes per day - you will be able to write compelling copy - in YOUR voice - that when people read, they simply want to buy and take action.

How would that feel - to be able to write YOUR OWN sales copy - off the top of your head and from scratch - just 6 weeks from now?

How much more control would that give you over your online business, if you could write compelling copy on demand - when you choose?

How would your life change if you could convince people to buy your products and trainings with just the words on a sales page, and those prospects took action and bought your products?

I believe this is one of the most crucial skills online today - and the truth of the matter is, if you have all the traffic in the world, and the best products in your niche - if you can't convince people to buy them - you will not make any sales.

And you know that, because you aren't making the kind of sales you deserve today, are you?

Let's change that...!

But before we do - we gotta talk about the value of this program -

Now, the normal price discussion in a normal sales letter goes something like this, right?:

So the value of this is $20,000 and since I'm worth $1000 an hour and there's 15 hours of content, it cost me $15,000 to create, but I'm not going to charge you $20,000 or even $15,000 because you are my friend, instead this price is going to be...

not $10,000

not $5,000...

...and so on....

Been there, done that, right?

But this isn't a normal "sales letter"

Because frankly I don't want to "sell" you on my training course.

At this point you either know that you really want to learn to write effective sales copy at a higher level and you know I can assist you in getting there...or you don't.

And of course if you don't - no amount of compelling psychobabble is going to force you to spend $10,000 with me.

But if you really want to learn - you just want to be able to buy this course right now and start learning - immediately, right?

However...I am discounting this significantly for the first 50 people who enroll when I open this brand new 6 week course tomorrow -

However, I am only going to be revealing the order page, the price, and the opportunity to people to sign up for this program to those who pre-sign up to get the charter pricing...to sign up to get a chance to get this program when I release it tomorrow: