Write Sales Letter


At this point, you should have completed the creation of your first product.

If you haven't already sent it to me for comment - please send it ASAP -

Your next step is to write your sales letter:

Quick Sales Letter

Use the exact instructions in that teaching to create your sales letter -

Then listen to this, follow the instructions, and ADD that component to your above-written sales letter:

How to Add Emotional Element to Your Sales Letter

Note: if you are relatively new to internet marketing, I do NOT recommend you write your own sales letter, as it is a time consuming and learning curve intensive task (unlike just about anything else you'll be doing in this program), and highly recommend you simply purchase and use sales letter software. I personally like and recommend Marlon Sanders' software:

Marlon's Sales Letter Writer

For additional ideas, you can listen to some or all of the following trainings (but these are NOT necessary, so if you are short on time, just use the above training - you can literally write your entire sales letter in a couple of sittings using the above training)

Initial Core Training

EavesDrop on Me and a Client Discussing His Sales Letter

Quick Sales Letter


Video Of Me Showing a Class How to Upload a Sales Letter Using Kompozer (note: this is a live demonstration - but contains quite a bit of distraction - only use this if you don't know how to use an html editor or how to upload a sales letter)