Write Email Campaign Part 4

By now you should have a credibility campaign in place in your business, and be beginning to build relationships with your subscribers, and have a clear picture of the automated email strategy.

Remember, your email campaign should do 3 things:

1) Builds trust and credibility

2) Builds value for you and your brand

3) Sells your training

This will occur in 3 phases:

1) Building credibility by writing credibility emails

2) Building trust by writing interactive emails

3) Making sales by writing sales-based emails

In the last lesson, you learned the concept of advanced automated email funnels.

Today's lesson teaches you how to create a complete launch campaign for a product:

Product Launch Campaign Emails:


Monitor List Pre-Launch

I Need Your Help Emails

Pre-Launch Emails

Sales Letter and Emails

Send Sample Emails

Pre-Notification Emails

Post Launch Activities

Sales Letter Campaign

Your homework: outline your complete product launch email campaign, then write each email in your product launch campaign.

Then, put each email into your automated campaign in order, in the week or weeks you desire.

Note: you can have multiple automated product launches (or coaching program launches) in your automated campaign.