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From the Desk of Sean Mize, Author of Anyone Can Coach

From: Sean Mize, author of Anyone Can Coach

To: Christians who want to build an online business

Hi, my name is Sean Mize, and it is my heartfelt desire that every Christian on earth have financial freedom. And in fact, I believe God has placed a special call on my life to share what I know about building financial freedom, especially by using the internet to teach others, with every Christian who is willing to listen.

The thing is, as a Christian, it can get frustrating when you are trying to build an online business.

Because there is no (to my knowledge) source on earth that ties together all 3 critical elements of building a genuinely - Christ-honoring and purpose-filled business.

What I have found online in building my own online business is that there is so much mis-information online. People telling you that you can make a million next month, pyramid schemes, scams, and more. You buy a training online and it isn't what the fancy sales copy said it was. The problem is, the internet is full of liars and get-rich-quick artists, and unfortunately, you have to watch out for them. If you've been "taken" before, you know what I mean. I know how that feels; I've bought enough of that junk myself. But that doesn't mean the internet doesn't work for Christians who want to build an ethical, God- inspired online business.

You see, there are 3 core steps to getting financial wealth (online or offline):

1) God gives the ability to get wealth (Deut.8)

2) You do the work - plant, build, water, harvest

3) God blesses the increase

Steps 1-3 are (sometimes) taught in church. Your pastor might teach those concepts - but it is 100% faith-based (which is fine except that if you don't know how to take those spiritual truths and apply them in today's world, it can get really frustrating)

But in order to do step 2, you normally have to get secular instruction - which so often, as you may have already found out - just doesn't feel right. It may have an over-focus on making money, it might not connect with your God-given purpose, it might even feel (or really be) illegitimate or illegal.

But the truth is - God doesn't want you to focus just on the money, He doesn't want you to do something outside of His purpose for you, and He doesn't want you doing anything illegitimate or illegal.

What happens is that in most cases, there is a disconnect from God, from the Supplier of all wealth - and an undue focus on what you do. And the result is that you end up building a business based not on God's principles, but on man's; you end up really frustrated because you aren't getting the results you wnat - and it may be because you are missing the blessing of God. You WANT to build a business God's way, but you are getting training from people who DON'T do things God's way. So you don't get the result you want. You don't get the blessing you desire. You don't get God's blessing on your business.

Over the course of the last 6 years, God has given me the ability to get wealth according to His promises. He has guided me through the process of building an ethical, results-oriented business according to His principles. And the result is that for the last 5 1/2 years, my family and I have lived 100% off the increase from my information-based web business. And in the process I have created multiple trainings that teach exactly what to do and how to do it to the steps I have done. Additionally, I have developed cutting edge training that ties together God's spiritual laws for success and blessing with the specific internet-based implementation that is necessary to build a web business.

The makes it easy for you to build a business that is based on God's will for your life, one that is in line with His methods.

The result is that instead of just focusing on making an extra $ amount each month, or trying to build a business just for the sake of making money, instead you are building a fulfilling business that is built according to the will of God for your life. And when you build a business that is God's will for your life, God will bless you according to His will for your life.

That is why I have created this website. I have designed this website to give you a complete Blueprint - starting with training about God's desire for your financial blessing, then to finding the purpose God has for you in your life and your business, and finally to the exact steps that are necessary for building out the web part of your business.

My goal with this site to make it stand on its own completely -meaning that every step of the process can be accomplished without additional training from me. Which is unique in itself - there is no other site on earth that I know of that offers a 100% beginning - to - end plan for building an online business, with no additional training or investment.

That's right - I believe this is something that has never been done before. In the pages of this website I plan to give you a 100% complete blueprint for what you can do to build your own online information business. All you have to do is just follow the directions and implement what I share.

I plan to design each page so that you can easily just follow the directions to build your business.

Of course, there will be tools you will need to build your business - tools such as web hosting, email programs, and product delivery tools. And when they are necessary, I will recommend companies or tools that I use and trust.

And perhaps you might think, as you are reading this site, "it sure would be nice to talk with Sean personally when I have questions." And of course, although I have attempted to make this site as complete as possible in terms of training and knowledge, this site doesn't come with personal access to me, personally talking with you and guiding you, but I do offer coaching programs that give you varying levels of access to me, and additional, enhanced training, and because of that, from time to time I will direct you to a site where you can enroll to work with me personally as your mentor to help you build your business faster. Perhaps you will want to take your education to a higher level than that that can be delivered on a freely-available website. And where that might be helpful, I've included recommendations or access information.

Ok, let's get started.

The way I have designed this is that below on this page I'll create the outline of what to do to build a business online. Then if you click each link associated with a particular step, you will get to a page with specific directions for doing each step. And if the step is a bit complicated, there may be additional links with deeper information.

And one last word of advice before we get started:

No matter how simple I make this, if there is a step that requires you to do something you have never done before, you might not understand it the first time you read the instructions. You might not understand until you have actually started to do the steps. And if you get stuck on something, don't give up too soon. Just as if I were to try to learn in one night your own profession, that you have taken years to become an expert at, you probably aren't going to become an expert overnight at this.


Let's get started!

There are 3 core implementation steps that are required to build a successful business: Identifying God's purpose and plan for wealth in your life and how you are going to walk that out in your life, building the core business itself, and scaling the business to larger levels.

I'll deal with each of these in order:

(Note: this site is a work-in-progress, I have not uploaded all the training for all the steps yet; just come back to this page from time to time to see the new training as I add it)

Steps to identifying God's purpose and plan for wealth in your life:

Step 0): Get a clear understanding of what God says about success:

part 1: Part 1 of What God Says About Success

part 2: Part 2 of What God Says About Success

1) Identifying God's purpose and plan for your life and business

(I plan to expand on this in a separate page and when I do I'll link to it)

The key here is that you have to learn what your purpose is. So many people try to build an online business based on one concept "I need to make some more money, what can I sell to make money?"

The right approach is this: "What is God's desire for my life?"

You see, once you determine God's desire for your life, it makes it much easier to see how you can monetize some part of that. It makes it easier to see how you can help hundreds or thousands of people, and make some income from doing that. Or perhaps helping thousands of people for free, but a small percentage pay you for a higher level of access or training (much the way this site is designed, free information that teaches novel concepts, and has a level of additional training which someone can pay for if he desires)

2) Identifying how you are going to walk out that plan and purpose

Once you have determined God's purpose for your life, and you have a clear understanding of what God says about success in His Word, now you can determine how you are going to walk out that plan and purpose. Although I plan to add more to this step in this site in the future, this is something I dig into in my book: Anyone Can Coach

3) Assuming 1) and 2) lead to an online information business - get a clear understanding of how an information business works - and this is covered in the next section! :

Steps to building your core online information business:

Choose a niche or area where you will help people (this is likely already done if you've the 3 identification steps above):

Here is a guide that can help on this:

How to Choose a Niche Tutorial

Once you have chosen a niche, solidify your experience in the area in which you want to help others. Get training. That might mean buying a few books, buying web training, or borrowing a few books from the local library. Depending on the niche, it might mean taking a few classes. The bottom line is this: you must get training if you are going to teach others. You cannot expect others to pay you to teach if you don't know what you are teaching!

(Note: the following few steps I teach how to do on this page: Basic Internet Training )

1) Determine how you are going to help people (what you are going to offer, for example, writing a book, recording an audio training, offering coaching, etc.) (covered in above training)

2) Create an information product (for example, write a book, record an audio) (covered in above training)

3) Write a sales letter to "sell" product (covered in above training)

4) Write a launch campaign to introduce prospects to your product (covered in above training)

5) Write the rest of your email campaign (covered in above training)

6) Create a squeeze page to get prospects onto your email list (covered in above training)

7)) Find people who need your help or training (commonly called online "driving traffic") (covered in above training)

8) Design a coaching program to help others

Here is a link to a training mp3 that digs into designing a coaching program:

Coaching Program Overview

9) Write a sales letter to "sell" your coaching program (covered in above training)

10) Create a membership (I'll plan to add training for this element in the future; the basic concept is that in addition to creating a one-time download training such as I describe in the training above, you create a training program where you add content each month, for example, adding one new 1-hour training each month; we call this a "membership".

Steps to Scaling Your Business

Once you have the core business in place as described above, for example, you have a product, a coaching program, an email campaign, and a traffic source, you have a foundation to build on.

At that point, you can scale your business in a number of ways, for example, finding more traffic, optimizing your email campaign, creating more products, or simply enrolling more clients in your coaching program, or a combination of any or all of those steps.

Once your foundation business is in place, you can evaluate what is most likely to grow the business the fastest, and plan to increase that area of your business first.